Let's have fun 

  • We want to help you follow your passions and build new ones.
  • We want you to build video games that are crazy fun.
  • We want you to develop software using blockchain technology that's ludicrously fast.
  • We want you to innovate your world using 3D printers.
  • We want you to teach others about technology and make our community better.
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Video Games

We make crazy fun games for ourselves and our community. We've made over 10 games for non-profits and places we love.


It's not just for cryptocurrency. We use blockchain technology in the software we develop to make 1:1 relationships, transparency and because it's fun.

3D Printing

If you can dream it, we can print it. We leverage rapid, iterative prototyping and make our world better through real-world innovation.


We pride ourselves on empowering members to teach and to share what they know to others.   Our passion and knowledge goes well beyond our doors.

The Maine Game, LLC


Mike Preble

Quinten Campbell