2 Meetings, 2 Unselfish Acts

In the last 2 meetings the members of the Maine Game has done 2 unselfish acts: 1)decided on a non-profit to work with 2)did IT work around United Technologies Center.

One of the primary components within the club from the beginning has been to work with an area non-profit. It provides a huge amount of advantages and exposure for the club members and really doesn’t have any downside. Through many conversations about the subject, the members decided on working with The Maine Discovery Museum. They feel that the STEM education centered learning that happens at the Maine Discovery Museum ties very well into what happens in the Maine Game Club. Also, a lot of the members genuinely enjoy the museum as well. Our next step is to come up with a formal idea proposal and present it to the Maine Discovery Museum and see if they would like to move forward with what we can create. The whole process would only involve the museum making a place for what we have planned for the children and families that go to the MDM. Hopefully they’ll like what we have in store, fingers are crossed!

The second unselfish act that was completed happened is when the members came in today (a Saturday) and went around to all of United Technologies Center’s computers and did some general IT work under Mike Preble’s supervision. All the members of the club are very computer literate and are the resident “IT person” for their families, so it just made sense that they help the school out as well. The members of the Maine Game Club are incredibly appreciative of UTC in providing a space and computers that allow the club to run. Because of that, they are more than happy to give back to the school in whatever possible way they can. Doing IT work just made sense.

I guess we’re not only video game motivated after all. 🙂