And we’re off!! Year #3 has begun.

We are a couple weeks into year number #3 for The Maine Game and very much overdue for a post to keep everyone in the loop.

We have 2 fully featured branches of the Maine Game now.  It’s something we’re very proud of and couldn’t have been done without the dedication, hard work and talent of our students that have came up through the ranks and continue to drive us forward.

There is one branch in Bangor and one in Portland.  Both branches are student ran and continue to focus on making video games for the greater good.

Maine Game - Bangor Branch

Maine Game – Bangor Branch

The Bangor branch of the Maine Game has always been strong and continues to be strong at United Technologies Center.  The picture here was taken in UTC’s new maker space, which will allow the Maine Game to go even farther than before.  The students in Bangor are being taught by previous Maine Game members Bradley Oaks and Austin Fink.  The school’s Information

Technology teacher, Stephen Wong, is overseeing the day-to-day operations to make sure that everything stays on track.  The students that make up the Bangor club are currently working on figuring out their skill set as a team, what their roles are and what non-profit organization they want to collaborate with this year.  They have also gotten support from Husson University in the form of a pizza party.  They’re off to a great start!

The Portland branch of the Maine Game is held at the University of Southern Maine’s Portland Campus in the top floor of the Science Building.  We started to work with highly motivated students in the Portland area last school year, but struggled

Maine Game Portland

Maine Game Portland

to make a significant impact on the students because we didn’t have any of our members physically in the area.  However, that has changed and we successfully ran a summer camp this past summer and now have a regularly attended and supported club at USM.  The students at Portland’s branch are focusing on the fundamentals of video game development though Unity and will start to work on a game for a non-profit next year, if not sooner.  There is an obvious need in southern Maine that we are more than happy to fill.  Quinten Campbell has really created the opportunity for us in southern Maine through his hard work and dedication to the Maine Game.  It also helps to have supports from Michael Hale at Casco Bay High School, Thorton Academy, Gorham High School and Raphael Diluzio at USM.  We couldn’t have done it without them.

We’re happy to say that we’re helping over 25 high school aged students learn how to make video games this year through The Maine Game.  That student-led education and support will result in at least 1 game going out to a selected non-profit and a continued snowball effect of leadership and excellence within the club and beyond.

To help support our cause, we are asking for some help from the community.  We have always ran on a shoestring budget and only ask for what we need from session to session.  This year we’re asking for in-kind donations of things that our members will find valuable:  a free pass to a comic book convention, a monthly pizza party, a “friends and family” discount at a local game store or something similar.  The members of the club already know the value of what they’re learning and doing, but it would help to know that the community that they’re impacting values them as well.

If you would like to have a conversation about supporting The Maine Game, please contact Mike Preble ( or 207-370-9877) or Quinten Campbell (