Andy Moore was here! Andy Moore was here!

Andy Moore talking to us via Skype

Andy Moore talking to us via Skype

Andy Moore took 2 hours out of his crazy busy schedule to talk to the club today! He talked to us from Vancouver, BC Canada via Skype!

If you are, for some unknown reason, unaware of who Captain Andy is let me clue you in:  he is the main propeller behind Radial Games and has created over 40 games in the past 2 years.  While some games are more successful than others, he is most definitely a true success story in the game development community.  You might know him from SteamBirds, Monster Loves You!,  Run Robo Run or another handful of games that were commercial and community successes.

He talked about all aspects of game development from granular details in Unity to over-arching concepts that apply to all development.  He gave some incredible advice on how to optimize Unity games and even shared his screen to give real-world examples in a game that he’s currently working on.  He also talked about what to focus on (finishing games with solid mechanics) and what to do next (put them on the market).

We all sincerely appreciate the time, effort, and insight he gave to the members of the club!  Everyone who attended the club today was very motivated to go out and create by the end!