This is the beginning of something amazing

The club has started! We started this week and we are having a great time. We’re already working on programming in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, we have researched the current job market locally and nationally and the club members have started to figure out what skills they already have that are marketable. This week we’re going to continue…

Theme: Platform Games

The theme for this year’s Maine Game Competition is platform games!   What major game genre has stood the test of time?  Platform games. With classics like Mario, Donkey Kong, MegaMan, and Sonic to more contemporary games like Super Meat Boy, Splosion Man, LittleBigPlanet, and Dustforce the platform game genre is well established and wildly successful. Your team’s challenge is to…

Let the competition begin!

April 1st is fast approaching and this means the 2014 Maine Game Competition is about to kick off. Everything you need to know to compete is be available from this site.  Additional questions? Email Mike Preble, Event Chairman