We’re certified!

Now that the members of The Maine Game have started working on the project collaborating with the Maine Discovery Museum, it’s time to work towards certifications in our down time between milestones.  Our goal as a club is to have 80% of the members certified in the 3D software, programming languages, and general computer systems that are being used on a regular basis.

As part of that larger goal, I began a partnership with the C++ Institute and made United Technology Center a Certified C++ Institute Academy.  Now the club members have access to a wealth of high quality learning and assessment material for the C++ programming language through a worldwide organization and The Maine Game is part of a global community of technology professionals.  We are also partnering with Brainbench to give the members even more opportunities to succeed through national certifications.  There are also nationally recognized 3rd party certification opportunities that are freely available to only club members for Autodesk 3DS Max, Pixologic ZBrush, and Android App Development.

Remember, we picking at certification exams this week while there have been breaks in work. So far, half of the club members have successfully passed exams provided by our 3rd party verification partners.  The exams that members have passed successfully include high competence computer and network use to the C# programming language.  Now those members have tangible certifications and real resume builders that will open doors professionally for them anywhere they go (hopefully locally).

This is one success in the line of many that have already taken place in The Maine Game.  More are sure to come!