Fay Chalermisrachai is composing music for our games!

Fay Kochkarn Chalermisrachai

Fay Kochkarn Chalermisrachai

Fay contacted us almost a month ago about helping us with composing music for our games.  She very graciously offered her her world-class music ability to help with the 6 space games we’re making for the Maine Discovery Museum.  We took her up on her offer without hesitation!  When else will we get someone with her amazing resume and ability level to help us out?  We’re appreciative that she even contacted us offering kind words, the offer to help us with time and effort is amazing!

With our first game at a releasable state, Fay played and created the soundtrack for Solar System Scramble and we couldn’t be happier!  The music has a great retro arcade style feel and is upbeat and fun and will make the kids playing the game coming back for more.  It is a huge enhancement and adds a really nice, professional feel.

Here are some links to show what Fay is doing: