Our first past student taught the club!

James Cowin, a former student of Mr. Preble, came in and taught the club today!

He talked about his experience at Southern New Hampshire University, what it’s like to make video games in a game jam, and what it was like making Drumroll Please! a game currently on Google Play.

It was a great experience having him come in and share what he’s gone through to better help current students. He even had them do a game jam!

In the game jam, the club split into 2 groups and had around an hour to make a game that was focused around the theme “battle”.

Needless to say the 2 games that came out were fun to play and looked great, but more importantly, everyone had fun doing participating. Maybe some day the club members will continue to work on their shoe shooting game or even the sumo wrestling barrel battle game and it will turn out to be the next Temple Run, Flappy Bird, or Dots.