Hello Maker Mom! Hello Chicago!

The MakerMom (themakermom.comwrote about us in her Chicago based blog about STEM education and all things awesome!  She laid out a very eloquent argument why YOU to donate to our Kickstarter campaign.  She found value in our little club and we hope you do too.

Here’s a quote from her article:

So why give?

Good karma. With donations starting at just $1, I’m going to send a little something their way. After all, the Older Maker Teen started an App Development Club at his school (note to self: why don’t they have a website?), and I’d like to think people would help his group with a worthy endeavor.

Thanks Kim a.k.a The Maker Mom.  Your kind words and encouragement is appreciated by all of us.


TheMakerMom Blog

TheMakerMom Blog