Let’s play catch-up

Things have been so busy here at the club that we haven’t had time to do our regular social media updates!  The dust is finally settling so it’s time to play catch-up.

Maine Digital Festival

We participated in the Project Login’s Maine Digital Festival and had a great time!

We presented 2 sessions on how to make video games in Unity.  Quinten Campbell set up the training and did all the talking while the 4 other members that came and myself floated around the room helping everyone follow along.  It was the 2nd year that we have had the opportunity to be a part of the festival and we’re very proud to see it continue to grow and be a state wide resource for students to learn about technology in Maine.

Challenger Learning Center

The Bangor branch of the The Maine Game has been plugging away at making 2 new games for the Challenger Learning Center while improving the 6 that were previously completed for the Maine Discovery Museum.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the members, the games are on pace to be beta tested in the near future and on pace to have a full release by the end of April.  This has been no easy feat to accomplish because members have had to juggle job duties, driver’s ed, family issues, and the holiday season.  They will be releasing something playable to the world as soon as we can.  Any feedback is appreciated!

Casco Bay High School

The CBHS branch of The Maine Game has been making great strides towards learning the Unity game engine!

The CBHS crew has been working through some very rigorous curriculum being presented by Quinten and learning a lot about how to develop video games.  They are getting to the point where they are going to be able to work on original games for community members.  The first community member they selected was the USM Planetarium, which is in the same building as the Ci2 Lab.  The goal at this point is to make it so they have a game (or two) completed by the end of the 2nd semester of the club – very exciting stuff!

Connections with past club members

Something we pride ourselves on is keeping connections with past club members and celebrating their successes.  There are many past club members that are doing exceptionally well in college and/or creating small businesses based from the connections and knowledge learned from the club.  Sometimes, we even have members come back to us and offer help through their busy schedules.

That is what we’re really all about: helping students help students.  The Maine Game as a whole strives to provide an environment and overall learning experience that not only helps current members, but future ones as well.  We try very hard to work towards successes that everyone can enjoy, grow from, and come back to in the future.

Future appearances of the club

Not only are we going to be a part of the Maine Science Festival, but we have many other events, festivals and otherwise that we’re scheduled to contribute to this year.  The future appearances aren’t anything we seek out, but they are a welcome change of pace and we really enjoy the opportunity to help people learn and tell our story.

Summer Camp

We will be having another session of our award winning, badge giving, fun having, always learning video game summer camp this year!  We are proud to continue to partner with The Maine State of Learning to provide high quality, marketable, and meaningful badges for the curriculum we present.  We are also excited to announce that we are going to work with a great local start-up, CourseStorm, to handle our registrations for the camp this year.  Stay tuned for more details like scheduling and pricing.


Well that’s it!  You’re caught up on all things Maine Game.  We will continue to drive forward and make seriously fun video games for amazing community partners while helping Maine become a technology leader from the ground up.