Luke Thomas taught the class yesterday and today!

Another former student of the IT class at United Technologies Center, Luke Thomas, has taught the Maine Game Club for the past 2 days!!

Luke Thomas teaching

Luke Thomas teaching

Luke graciously came up from Boston and gave the club members some insightful life lessons, hindsight insights, and opened their eyes to git and github during the first day.  Not only that, but he also exposed them to a wealth of information through Safari book’s ConnectEd initiative.

During the second day, he brought them through a tutorial learning EmberJS.  EmberJS is a current and innovative framework used by web professionals and the club members are much better off now with the exposure they got.

It was wonderful having Luke for 2 whole meetings at the club.  His positive attitude, work ethic, and drive is contagious and everyone in the club is better off because of the time he spent with us.