The Maine Game + Activision = Greatness

Activision Blizzard


Today the members of The Maine Game took a field trip down Portland to visit the Activision Blizzard office!  Wade and Mike took time out of their busy day making Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to sit down with us and talk about the video game industry from their perspective.

First, they gave us a tour of their offices and showed us what their set up is like.  Then, they talked about what it’s like to work on a AAA rated game and a multi-billion dollar franchise like Call of Duty for the major consoles like XBox One and Playstation 4.   They also gave career

, told some industry stories, answered any and all questions we had for them, and even gave some ideas about what could be done in the IT class at UTC!

Today was a really special day for us.  The members of The Maine Game game are really appreciative of the opportunity that Wade and Mike from Activision provided.  Thanks so much!

Call of Duty Advanced Wafare

Call of Duty Advanced Wafare