Maine Game Mid-December Update

There’s been a lot going on lately which has really eaten up our “update social media” time.  However, I’m able to carve out a few minutes to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s happening with The Maine Game crew.

Our first big release, Solar System Scramble, continues to go through changes and updates as we test and update the game.  It’s continuing to evolve into a fun, intuitive, and smooth learning experience for the kids playing our game.

On that note, we are working the Technology Coordinator of the Blue Hill Consolidated School Matt Jurick, to give his students the ability to play our games.  We are very excited about this opportunity and want to do all we can to make sure that the students at BHCS have the ability to learn about STEM and have fun with something we create.  A special thank you to David Perloff and the Perloff Family Foundation for bringing us together, his continued interest and support is greatly appreciated.

We are getting ready to present at the Maine Digital Festival tomorrow.  We’re in the Lightening Pitches 12 – 1 group and our segment all sold out!  We’re really looking forward to spending a day with fellow STEM education and technology nerds and to have the opportunity to talk about what we’re all about.

Other than that, we’re continuing to build on successes and plan for the future.  We have members branching into back end database development, project management, systems administration, 2D art, and even getting paid to create mobile apps for schools on the side.

We’re looking to do a strong push as we head into Christmas vacation and then build up even more in 2015!