Our summer camp is taking off!

Maine Game Logo TransparentEven though it has been released less than 48 hours ago, the Maine Game Summer Camp is taking off!!

As soon as people hear about the certifications they’re going to walk away with, the video games they’ll be making, and the one of a kind experience they’ll have at our summer camp they can’t wait to sign up!

We recently had the opportunity to share the games we’ve made with 75 – 100 high school aged students and they loved them!  We got great feedback and had to stop some kids from playing our games so others could take a turn.  We’re on the right track, that’s for sure.

If you know anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 who lives in the greater Bangor area and wants to learn how to make video games, please point them to our website at http://camp.themainegame.com.  Thanks so much, it will really benefit everyone involved.