The Maine Club – October 1st!

As we start the school year, the Maine Game Club gets ready for another successful year in Bangor and Portland starting October 1st! We’ll be running a club in Bangor at the United Technologies Center which will cover 2D, 3D, and programming on Unity on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2:30pm – 4:30pm. As well as a club in Portland at USM in the Ci2 Lab which will be heavily focused on online team collaboration and programming in Unity on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. We welcome any and all high school students interested in making video games and a positive impact on their community in the greater Bangor and Portland area.

The Maine Game is going to provide the space, hardware, time and guidance to allow members to thrive and make a game (or games) . We have a proven track record of making games for places like the Children’s Discovery Museum and the Challenger Learning Center. Our 8 games in the market are not only because of the great high school aged members making the games, but the ongoing student and community involvement to help guide the process.

Due to the fact that the process of making a game is so incredibly involved and complex, we do ask for a $50 membership fee to be paid to help cover The Maine Game’s costs in continuing to offer high quality instruction and opportunities. The one time membership fee is to cover the entire 6 months of the program, from October to April. There are a small number of grant opportunities available.

The Portland club will run a little differently than the Bangor club due to time restraints. Making video games is hard and it takes a lot of dedicated time. We want to deliver games that the community enjoys and doing so requires many hours of practice. The IT class at UTC gives students a couple more hours a day to learn Unity, so in Bangor we will be connecting with a community partner and completing our games within the year, since most students in the club will have 16 hours of unity practice a week. However in Portland, we only get 6 hours a week to learn Unity. Because of this, the Club will be spread over 2 years. The first year will be for learning Unity inside and out, the second year will be the collaboration with a community partner. Returning second year students don’t have to pay for the membership and get extra access to Maine Game perks.

We are also contacting video game events in Maine, professionals in the industry, and pizza places in Bangor and Portland to donate tickets/knowledge/food for members of the club (in exchange for huge shout outs, of course). We will keep you updated as we find sponsors! If you know of any business that might be interested in donating, please reach out to us! If you would like more information before signing up, please contact Mike Preble ( or Quinten Campbell ( Otherwise please go here to sign up and get started!

Looking forward to another great year!