The Maine Game, USM and the Ci2 Lab

University of Southern Maine

University of Southern Maine

I recently accepted a position as the Project Coordinator at the Ci2 Lab on the Portland Campus at the University of Southern Maine (USM).  I’m very excited to begin and will be slowly transitioning into the position through this school year as I help find a suitable replacement for my “day job” – teaching the best class in the state at United Technologies Center.

What does this mean for The Maine Game?

I plan on moving the headquarters of the club with me to my new home this summer.  I plan to continue to support both of the Bangor and Casco Bay High School branches of the club from there.  As always, I will have the irreplaceable help of past and current students and club members to ensure that the quality of our work does not go by the wayside as I make the transition.  In fact, the potential for the quality of work is increased because of the nature of the lab and who I’ll be working with.

Not only will I be working with Rapheal Diluzio but I’ll also be working with a great group of highly motivated and talented students that are making everything from video games to new ways to grow edible plants.  Here’s a snippet of what the Ci2 Lab is all about:

The Ci2 Studio stands for Creative Intelligence, Innovation, Collaboration, the order of these four words is non-essential as it is only the words themselves that are significant. In fact, we encourage the rearrangement of the words. We see this as an expression of change and fluidity, elemental aspects of the creative process. The studio’s mission is to develop individual and group creativity in an open concept experiential learning environment. Participants develop creative problem solving, critical thinking and marketable skills that foster innovation and community engagement. The emphasis is in collaboration on cross-disciplinary design projects that demonstrate creative research, scholarship and innovation and have the potential for creative expression and / or commercialization.

If you’ve followed me and the Maine Game at all, you can see why it is a perfect fit for myself and the club.  This is a pivotal decision that will allow me to expose a whole new audience to what’s been accomplished in the Maine Game and allow that audience to be successful because of it.  I strongly believe that this move will continue to allow me to provide high school students opportunities for tangible personal and professional success – I honestly wouldn’t have made the move otherwise.

So as always – stay tuned!  It’s not in my nature to slow down even in this “lame duck” period.  After all, we are still working on some amazing projects and there are incredible students working on them.  Who wouldn’t be inspired by that?