The summer camp was great!


Yesterday was the final day of our summer camp here at the Ci2 Lab and it will be the last camp that only runs for a week, I couldn’t be more proud of the students. I mistakenly thought that they would be ready for a break after a week of learning Unity, the game engine that is currently leading Virtual Reality development. As well as C#, the programming language used with Unity. Instead, in our final post-development discussion, they suggested longer days and at least another week for next year’s camp. In a week, each student built a complete video game, used a 3D printer to print models they created using 123D, and explored development with the Vive.

This was our first year teaching 3D modeling and using a 3D printer in our camp thanks to Sam, a high school student from Thornton Academy who has spent a lot of time at the Ci2 Lab doing 3D printing and working with Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s. His knowledge with 3D models and printers goes hand in hand with game development. He was an awesome addition to the camp and we hope to see him next year.

Even with all those activities, we still had time to goof off. Students played games on the Vive, play each other’s games, and vote for the best game created by the students. Winner of the game got to take home a Raspberry Pi 3 and forever hold the title of “Best Camp Game 2016”.

The camp was a definite success this year in terms of both accomplishments and a turnouts. We had 7 kids this year (a 200% increase since last year) so we are already planning for more camps next summer, stay tuned! In the meantime, the club will start back up again at the start of the school year in the Bangor and Portland area. It will be open to any and all high schoolers nearby. More details of the club will be posted soon!