Today we had 3D Master Sam Conlogue

Sam Conlogue of Infusion Studios kindly took 2 hours today and gave a crash course in 3DS Max.  In particular, he taught the club

Sam Conlogue teaching 3DS Max

Sam Conlogue teaching 3DS Max

members about UV, materials, and even touched on modeling!

Infusion Studios is a highly successful, Maine based 3D studio that has done work for clients all over the world.  Sam himself has been featured in national magazines for his architectural 3D work and has been a professional 3D modeler and artist for a long time.  His tips and crash course was invaluable.

The club members that have experience in Autodesk 3DS Max learned some expert tips.  The members that don’t have as much experience had a glimpse into what a professional level modeler’s mindset and workflow is like, which gives them a goal to attain to.

If you have some time, please check out Sam’s blog:  There’s some really good stuff and it’s always good to support a Maine based 3D artist.