We’re back and better than ever.

We had our first Maine Game Club meeting of the year yesterday and it was amazing!  Why?  Because we opened up a new branch at Casco Bay High School in Portland!

Now not only do we have a Maine Game Club at United Technologies Center in Bangor, but there’s one in Casco Bay High School in Portland, too!  With this great addition we:

  • Increased enrollment by 150% from our Bangor branch
  • Give Portland area businesses the ability to tap into a great student-based resource
  • Provide Maine students in 2 major areas of the state the ability to develop video games/interactive applications at a very high level with tangible results
  • Begin to work with Portland area colleges and universities.  Specifically, the Ci2 Lab at USM.
  • Double all the inherited benefits of The Maine Game Club

In addition to all those great things (and more), this new phase gives 2 people new and very important leadership roles.

Quinten Campbell

Quinten Campbell (q@mainegame.club) is now going to teach and run the club on a day-to-day basis.  He is a former student of mine and is now enrolled in college, taught our summer camp, and now is our primary teacher!  We are very lucky to have him with us and I’m sure the results of his instruction and guidance will be amazing.


Michael HaleMichael Hale (mhale@mainegame.club) ,the Director of College, Career & Citizenship at CBHS, spearheaded the move into Casco Bay High School.  He is our main point of contact and has been incredibly motivated and helpful in giving students the opportunity to be a part of the Maine Game Club.  His help in making this happen and continued support is invaluable to student’s success.  I look forward to working with him in the future and seeing what amazing things we can help students accomplish.

Stay tuned for regular updates from us and also some really big announcements about what we have lined up in the near future.